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Vegie Roast

Our Australian-made vegan-friendly Vegie Roast is not only delicious but perfect for all special occasions ...

vegie roast

Lentil Patties

Protein-packed and gluten-free, our Australian-made Lentil Patties are great in a burger bun or sliced up in ...

Savoury Vegie Mince

Our Savoury Vegie Mince is perfect for chilli non carne, shepherd’s pie, lasagne and tacos.

Tender Fillets

Our plant-based Tender Fillets are a perfect swap for chicken - try them on skewers, in stir fries or veggie ...

tender fillets

Herb & Garlic Sausage

Packed with flavour. Enjoy these Aussie-made vegan-friendly sausages with a side salad or with a side of ...

Vegie Sausages

Tasty Aussie-made vegan-friendly sausages for summer BBQs, bangers & mash or veggie breakfasts.

vegie sausages

Classic Hot Dogs

Versatile and delicious 100% meat-free Hot Dogs made in Australia for Australians. Try them in a sausage roll ...

classic hot dogs

Thick BBQ Sausages

Perfect for vegan-friendly bangers & mash, as a pizza topping or sliced up with pasta. Made in Australia.

Beef-Style Burger

Our Beef-Style Aussie BBQ Burger is an Australian first - now you can enjoy a beef-a-licious vegan burger ...

Crispy Chicken-Style Burgers

Enjoy our delicious plant-based Crispy Chicken Style Burgers in a bun, or sliced up and added to stir fries ...

Smokey BBQ Burgers

Satisfying, protein-packed and big on flavour, these Aussie-made vegan-friendly burger patties are fantastic ...

Classic Not Burger

The original Aussie Vegie Delights burger! Perfect for BBQs, cutting into strips for dipping, in vegan wraps ...

classic not burger

Chicken Style Slices

A tasty plant-based alternative for wraps and sandwiches.


Bacon Style Slices

Vegie Delights Deli Slices Bacon Style Rashers are soy and wheat protein based easy-peel slices that are the ...


Pepperoni Style Slices

A tasty plant-based alternative for pizza – pasta – toasties.


Chick’n Style Slices

An Aussie-made veggie favourite! Perfect on its own, in a wrap or chopped into a risotto.

chicken style slices

Bacon Style Rashers

The perfect vegan alternative for bacon. Use as a pizza topping, in Caesar salad or in a veggie breakfast. ...

bacon style rashers

Bolognese Sauce

Filled with vegies and so easy to use, our delicious plant-based Bolognese sauce creates a great base for all ...

Bolognese sauce

Meatless Meatballs

Perfect for vegie BBQ skewers and with coconut yoghurt dipping sauce!

Thai Chilli & Lime Cakes

A great vegan-friendly alternative for fish cakes, or perfect for snacking with dips. Made in Australia.

Tender Crumbed Schnitzel

A cruelty-free and 100% vegan-friendly version of a classic Tender Crumbed Schnitzel made right here in ...

Chilli Non Carne

Chilli con carne without the carne!

Vegetarian Sausages

Great sliced or diced for casseroles and bakes, Vegetarian Sausages can also be grilled or barbecued.

vegetarian sausages

Savoury Lentils

A convenient high-fibre addition to vegan recipes, Our Savoury Lentils come in a spiced tomato and onion ...

savoury lentils


Use our traditional Aussie-made vegan-friendly Nutolene as stuffing for veggie roasts and spring rolls or as spread for sandwiches. ...



A Vegie Delights classic! Our Nutmeat is made right here in Australia – since 1912. Perfect for casseroles and quick sandwich fillings. ...


Casserole Mince in Gravy

A 100% meat-free filling ideal for cottage pies, stuffed veggies, vegan samosas & more – made right here ...

casserole mince

Beetroot Bites

Vegie Delights Beetroot Bites are perfect with a dipping sauce, in a wrap or your favourite salad. Serve ...

beetroot bites

Sweet Potato Bites

Vegie Delights Sweet Potato Bites are perfect with a dipping sauce, in a wrap or your favourite salad. Serve ...

sweet potato bites